Comic Essays:

Habitat Fragmentation, (2019)
A comic adaption of Damschen et al’s “Ongoing Accumulation of Plant Diversity through Habitat Connectivity in an 18-Year Experiment.” Science 365 (6460): 1478–80.

Seeing Plant Literacy Through Skyrim, (2019)
A reflection on video games and ways of teaching people to see the diversity of their environments. Originally published on Optional Objectives

Science Storytelling: Experiments from the Image Lab (2019)
A reflection on Science Communication and my time running the Image Lab at the Wisconsin Insitute for Discovery, Fall 2018.

Prairie Cuttings #2 (2017-19)
A selection of works in science communication and public environmental humanities from 2017-2018

Stories in the Land – Tales of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum (2017)
Master’s Thesis for Masters of Fine Arts in Human Ecology

The Period Room and Convenient Fiction (2014)
A history of the ebb and flow of “restoring” entire environments in art museums


People of Restoration Ecology Humanities Bibliography
A multidisciplinary collection of humanities scholars and their relevant bodies of work on topics around restoration ecology. Disciplines include environmental history, science and technology studies, history of science, sociology, political ecology, and settler-colonial studies.

Science Studies and Restoration Ecology
A selection of works from all different authors within Science and Technology Studies and Science History discussing issues around ecology, restoration, and the environmental sciences.

Reading Cheatsheet Template
For my fellow grads grinding through so many different pdfs, here’s a layout for an easy summary you can copy-paste into each of your pdfs.