August 15, 2022

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I’m approaching my dissertation proposal meeting, which is the big ole exam before I’m allowed to Officially Work on my dissertation (let’s be real, I’ve been working on it for years now). So I’ve been buried under books, mostly.
I’m on a rotation of 19th century garden history (you know, the first settlers to intentionally plant prairie), ethnobotanical uses of plants (the original people to work with prairie plants) and your usual suspects of early prairie restoration.
In the Garden:
The buckthorn thicket is 92% taken down, and so I’m slowly starting to replant new things on the hillside. The soil is trash, and the slope is steep, so I’m building a terrace bed from all the buckthorn trunks. My joe pye hasn’t loved being moved back here, but the early blueberry, Solidago rugosa, and Solidago sphacelata have tolerated the move. Lots of fresh new compost going in with them!
In bloom right now:
Obedient plant and Blue vervain
A whole mess of plants, with lots of blooming lobelias: Great blue lobelia and Cardinal flower
On the grow racks:
In theory, mixes like Prairie Moon’s low-grow ecograss fescues should be a more “””””green””””” lawn. As in: it grows short, so it needs to be mowed less, so it’s “”greener””. In practice, it can be a difficult thing to get started. For the Rethinking Lawns project, I am playing around with growing ecograss from plugs so we can establish it faster, lusher, and with all the labor upfront. This is 7 days of growth from seed to grass!

Seeing Plant Literacy Through Skyrim

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