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Illinois, Illinois
Silkscreen on bristol, 2013
Tragicomedy 2013
Silkscreen on dyed fabric, 2013
Midewin: Where Earth Meets Sky
Dyed and printed installation, 2013
Silkscreen on dyed fabric, 2013
Continuum of Landscape
Silkscreen print series, 2013
tag 2013 Fall/Holiday Textiles
Various textile design, 2012-2013
tag 2013 Fall/Holiday Decor
Various product design, 2012-2013
Tragicomedy 2012
Silkscreen with dye, 2012
tag 2013 Spring/Summer and Everyday
Various product design, 2012
The Files
Sketchbook, June 2012
Sample Invitations
Digital, September 2011
Sketchbook, June 2011
Silkscreen on hand-dyed paper 2011
Brayer Rabbit
Cut-paper Poster, May 2011
A Provisional Account of Plantings
Silkscreen, letterpress, 2011